Transmission & Clutch Repair Service Overview


Transmission and clutch heavy-duty transmission repair can save you money when compared to purchasing a new transmission for your vehicle. Repairing transmission issues is much cheaper than taking your truck into the shop where they will likely quote you for an expensive transmission overhaul or replacement. At Reed Truck Inc., we understand that your time is your money, which is why we provide our valued customers with high-quality transmission and clutch services that are meant to be as cost-effective and timely as possible. If you need a transmission or clutch repair services for your light, medium, or heavy-duty truck in the Kokomo, IN area, then you have come to the right place.

Why is heavy-duty transmission service so important?

As miles pile onto your heavy-duty truck, transmission fluid wears out and transmission parts begin to wear down. At Reed Truck Inc., we provide transmission services for trucks of all makes and models. This way you can ensure that the transmission is running in tip-top shape with less chance of a serious breakdown while you are on the road. Some of our transmission services can include transmission flushing, transmission rebuilds, transmission fluid changes, clutch services, and more.

Why is heavy-duty clutch service so important?

The transmission isn't the only part of your heavy-duty truck that wears out over time. The clutch is a transmission component that can wear down over time, which means you'll have to replace it eventually. To avoid transmission and clutch failure, we recommend having your transmission and clutch components checked every 12,500 miles. There are some clutch services that we can provide to help you avoid clutch failure and keep your heavy-duty truck running smoothly. Some of our clutch services include clutch inspections, clutch replacement, clutch pressure testing, clutch system flushing, transmission and clutch fluid changes, and more.

The transmission is an important component of your heavy-duty truck that helps keep it running smoothly, and transmission and clutch repairs can save you a lot of money in the long run.