Common Diagnostics Issues & Timelines


We know that needing truck diagnostics and electric service is stressful. You want to know what’s wrong, and you want to get it fixed quickly. Common problems we help with every day include the following, along with a timeline estimate for repair in our shop.


Difficulty starting

It shouldn’t take long to crank your engine. If it does, bring it in for maintenance. 

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Repair or replacement takes two to four hours, depending on the specific needs. 


Losing power

Fuel problems like dirty filters, problems with fuel injectors, and loose throttle links lead to less power for your engine when you need to accelerate.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Repair or replacement takes four to six hours, depending on the specific needs.


Fuel contamination

Diesel fuel is thick and holds contaminants more easily than regular gas. Glycol, water, and soot are most common and can lead to engine problems over time. 

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Flushing out the system takes 15 to 30 minutes. If other repairs are needed, service may take longer. 


Faulty lead

The acid storage battery is an important piece of the starter system and can cause problems. 

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Replacement of faulty leads takes one to five hours, depending on the complexity of the truck’s system.


Black exhaust

A high fuel-to-air ratio often leads to black exhaust. We help determine why the balance is off and fix broken filters, injectors, or pumps. 

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

It takes around 40 minutes to clean out the air system and prevent black exhaust. 


Oil oxidation

Has your truck sat for too long? When you don’t drive your truck for long periods of time, it leads to bubbles in the oil, which impacts lubrication. It may be time for an oil change.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

An oil change usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes.  


Off-balance weight viscosity

If you notice a hard start, it may be due to the engine lubrication being imbalanced. Your unique diesel engine requires a specific viscosity, and the wrong oil can be bad news for It can take up to two hours to rebalance an engine for better results.


Too much noise

Diesel engines are loud, but the noise shouldn’t be excessive. You know the sound of your truck running, and a new sound is a sign that something is wrong, and it needs to be checked. 

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

A standard tune-up takes two to four hours to complete. Additional repair or replacement may take longer. 


We can also address problems with broken and loose wires, switches, and connectors that impact electronic systems in your diesel truck. Although they are reliable, the components wear out over time, needing repair or replacement.